Lab-Grown Chicken Can Now Be Sold in the U.S. But Good Luck Finding Some To Buy

In an historic milestone that will irrevocably change the landscape of food, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has authorized the sale of cell-cultivated chicken—chicken grown from stem cells in a bioreactor—from two Bay Area-based food technology companies, Good Meat and Upside Foods. The approval, which arrived in company inboxes early this morning in … Read more

As COVID-19 Barrels Through China, Some Are Turning to Black Market Amid Drug Shortages

As COVID–19 cases continue to surge in China, soaring demand for Western-developed treatments have led some citizens to turn to the black market. That trend was on display this weekend when HK$600,000 ($77,000) worth of illegally imported drugs bound for the mainland were seized by Hong Kong customs officials. Officers discovered medicines—mostly intended for the … Read more

As Chinese Tourists Prepare to Travel Again, Some Countries Close Their Doors

As COVID-19 infections in China continue to rise, and as concerns grow over the reliability of the country’s reporting and sequencing of cases, more than a dozen countries have announced new entry restrictions on travelers arriving from China at a time when they’re largely on the way out. Some countries, including the United States and … Read more