As COVID-19 Barrels Through China, Some Are Turning to Black Market Amid Drug Shortages

As COVID–19 cases continue to surge in China, soaring demand for Western-developed treatments have led some citizens to turn to the black market. That trend was on display this weekend when HK$600,000 ($77,000) worth of illegally imported drugs bound for the mainland were seized by Hong Kong customs officials. Officers discovered medicines—mostly intended for the … Read more

As Chinese Tourists Prepare to Travel Again, Some Countries Close Their Doors

As COVID-19 infections in China continue to rise, and as concerns grow over the reliability of the country’s reporting and sequencing of cases, more than a dozen countries have announced new entry restrictions on travelers arriving from China at a time when they’re largely on the way out. Some countries, including the United States and … Read more

10 Ways the World Got Better In 2022

Over the past year, the headlines have been dominated by alarming events: the Russian invasion of Ukraine, high inflation, supply chain shortages, and the threat of food insecurity for many nations. But 2022 was also a year of milestones toward a better future, scientific breakthroughs, and stories of hope. Here’s a look at 10 stories … Read more

China’s Stunning U-Turn on Zero-COVID Takes Xi Jinping From Suffocating Control to Callous Inaction

Even for China, where the distance between official narrative and empirical evidence is often a chasm, the last few days have been jarring. On Tuesday, officials announced five deaths from COVID-19—up from two the previous day, which were the first recorded in the country since Dec. 3. On Wednesday, there were officially none. But a … Read more