Transgender People in Rural America Struggle to Find Doctors Willing or Able to Provide Care

For Tammy Rainey, finding a health care provider who knows about gender-affirming care has been a challenge in the rural northern Mississippi town where she lives. As a transgender woman, Rainey needs the hormone estrogen, which allows her to physically transition by developing more feminine features. But when she asked her doctor for an estrogen … Read more

Florida Leaders Misrepresented Research Before Ban on Gender-Affirming Care

Behind Florida’s decision to block clinical services for transgender adolescents is a talking point — repeated by the state’s governor and top medical authorities — that most cases of gender incongruence fade over time. The Florida Board of Medicine voted Nov. 4 to approve a rule that barred physicians from performing surgical procedures on minors to alter … Read more

Ad Goes Too Far With Claim That Joe Biden Promotes Surgery for Trans Teens

“Joe Biden and the New Left even promote surgery on teens and young adults, removing breasts and genitals.” America First Legal radio ad, Oct. 9, 2022 A radio ad targeting care for transgender youth began airing in cities around the country this fall — from Spanish-language stations in Corpus Christi, Texas, to sports talk shows … Read more