How to Choose the Right Kettlebell Weight

You’ve breached the barbells and dominated dumbbells, but if you’re still steering clear of kettlebells you’re missing out on arguably the best burn at the gym. “When performed correctly, all kettlebell workouts are full-body moves, so you’re using more muscles and burning more calories,” says Toronto-based strength coach Chris Lopez, StrongFirst Level II kettlebell instructor … Read more

The Best At-Home Workouts You Can Do With a Single Kettlebell

When you’re training from home, you need workouts you can do with minimal equipment. How about workouts that require just one kettlebell? They’re simple and ideal for small spaces, but don’t let that deter you: These routines are also challenging, creative sweat sessions. Why Kettlebells? Kettlebells offer unique advantages over dumbbells. First, the kettlebell design … Read more