Este dispositivo dental debía arreglar las mandíbulas de los pacientes. Las demandas afirman que les destrozó los dientes

Boja Kragulj, una clarinetista consumada que ha tocado con orquestas en Nueva York, Philadelphia y Jacksonville, Florida, ya ha perdido cuatro dientes. Y espera perder al menos una docena más. Hace cinco años, con el fin de corregir su mordida y mejorar su respiración, Kragulj probó un dispositivo dental que, le aseguraron, ejercería presión sobre … Read more

Watch: Dental Device at Center of Lawsuits Was Used on Patients Without FDA Review

An unproven and unregulated dental device at the center of patient lawsuits has not been evaluated by the FDA, according to a months-long joint investigation by KHN and CBS News.  More than 10,000 dental patients have been fitted with an Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance, or AGGA, according to court records.  CBS News national correspondent Anna Werner … Read more

This Dental Device Was Sold to Fix Patients’ Jaws. Lawsuits Claim It Wrecked Their Teeth.

Boja Kragulj, an accomplished clarinetist who once performed with orchestras in New York, Philadelphia, and Jacksonville, Florida, has already lost four teeth. And she expects to lose at least a dozen more. Five years ago, seeking to correct her bite and improve her breathing, Kragulj tried a dental device that she was told would put … Read more

Did Your Health Plan Rip Off Medicare?

Today, KHN has released details of 90 previously secret government audits that reveal millions of dollars in overpayments to Medicare Advantage health plans for seniors. The audits, which cover billings from 2011 through 2013, are the most recent financial reviews available, even though enrollment in the health plans has exploded over the past decade to … Read more