How AI Can Make Cancer Treatment More Equitable

Many are aware of the Cancer Moonshot—an ambitious and hopeful initiative of the U.S. government to reduce cancer-related death rates by 50% by the year 2047. It will take an army to achieve this goal, composed of the brightest minds and biggest hearts in healthcare, science, and technology. Many parties will be involved—the federal government, … Read more

A New Technique Uses a Patient’s Own Stem Cells to Restore Their Vision

One moment during the summer of 2020, Nick Kharufeh was enjoying an Independence Day party with his family in California. The next, he couldn’t see out of his left eye. Kharufeh, now 26, was struck in the face by a malfunctioning firework, causing severe damage to and blindness in his left eye—damage his doctors said … Read more

Exclusive: For the First Time, New Tech Enables Paralyzed Man To Move and Feel Again

A cluster of researchers surround 45-year-old Keith Thomas, their eyes fixed on his right hand. “Open, open, open,” they urge, cheering when his fingers flutter out to mirror an image on a computer screen and again when they begin to curl back inward. [time-brightcove not-tgx=”true”] Thomas, who was paralyzed from the chest down after a … Read more

To Make a Real Difference in Health Care, AI Will Need to Learn Like We Do

Millions of people, many of whom have never thought much about computer science, are experimenting with generative AI models such as the eminently conversational ChatGPT and creative image generator DALL-E. While these products reflect less of a technological breakthrough than AI’s emergence into the public consciousness, the traction they have found is guiding massive investment … Read more