‘Shocking’ Salt Content In Coffee Shop Sandwiches Revealed In New Report

Some of the nation’s favourite coffee shops including Starbucks, Costa and Caffè Nero, are selling sandwiches and paninis with incredibly high salt content, a new report has revealed. And when we say high, we’re talking more than a McDonald’s Big Mac, which contains 2.3g of salt per portion, or a quarter pounder with cheese, which … Read more

Study Claims Adult Happy Meals Could Lead People To Eat Smaller Portions

McDonald’s has long been criticized for using toys and other incentives in Happy Meals to get young kids craving fast food. But could the same “prize included” approach be used to encourage adults to eat smaller portions? New research from the University of Arizona’s Eller College of Management suggests that the “Happy Meal Effect” could … Read more

Coca-Cola, Pepsi Once Again Fund Study Claiming Diet Soda Is Better For You Than Water

Back in 2014, the soft drink industry funded a study that, coincidentally, concluded that diet soda is better for weight loss than water. These same companies are at it again, not only providing the backing for another study extolling the virtues of diet drinks, but also — according to new reports — directly paying money … Read more

House Passes Bill Weakening Rules For Menu Calorie Counts In Restaurants

Hey, remember how the Food and Drug Administration gave restaurants a yearlong extension on the deadline for getting their act together regarding calorie counts on menus nationwide? They were supposed to get their acts together and post that information on menus nationwide by December of this year. Now, though, a new bill passed in the … Read more