Archaeologists Uncover Stunning, Mysterious Bronze Age Site

Archaeologists have unearthed an astonishing Bronze Age site in England, recovering a “richly decorated Roman villa” along with housing complexes and a treasure trove of artifacts and artwork from the ancient civilization. Red River Archaeology Group (RRAG) led the expedition on the site, now known as Brookside Meadows, which is located in Oxfordshire. It’s one … Read more

Your Doctor’s Words Could Make You Sick

“You may feel a sharp pinch, but it will all be over quickly.” Before the COVID-19 jab was plunged into our arms, most of us probably heard words similar to these. After the anticipated pinch, the nurse or doctor likely told us something about possible vaccine side effects. For one of us, the nurse’s forewarning … Read more

Archaeologists Make Remarkable 1,500-Year-Old Discovery at Bottom of Black Sea

The results of a 2020 archaeological dive into the Black Sea, the first such expedition into that body of water, have recently been displayed in a new museum exhibition. They reveal ancient artifacts from a sunken harbor town that was once a trade hub, Anatolian Archaeology reported. Discovered in the expedition was the submerged settlement … Read more

Archaeologists Make Incredible 7,000-Year-Old Discovery at Bottom of Mediterranean

Archaeologists made an astounding discovery at the bottom of a lake in Italy. Five canoes estimated to be roughly 7,000 years old were found at the bottom of Lake Braccianno within the prehistoric coastal settlement La Marmotta, which is now underwater. Researchers came across the vessels while conducting ongoing excavations at the site. PLOS One … Read more