Archaeologists Find Human Remains, Second Wreck at Ancient Shipwreck Site

During an expedition spanning from May 17 until June 20 of this year, marine archaeologists working with the Swiss Archaeological School in Greece uncovered a remarkable amount of cargo from the site of the Antikythera shipwreck, including a second wreckage site. The Atikythera wreck was first discovered in 1900, but many of its secrets and … Read more

Redditors Identify ‘Simpsons’ Relation on Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagus

Throughout its unprecedented 35-season run, The Simpsons seemingly predicted myriad dubious historical events years before they happened. But the discovery of an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus found last year has some suggesting the classic Fox sitcom has been “hiding in history, as well.” Redditors saw a similarity between Marge Simpson and a rudimentary funereal illustration of … Read more

Archaeologists Uncover Immaculately Preserved Medieval House in Rare Find

Archaeologists working with the University of York have uncovered an ancient medieval structure in England, Ancient Origins reported. Known as a timber hall, the houses were common in the Middle Ages around England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and other parts of Northern Europe. They earned their name because they were often designed around one central hallway. … Read more

Marine Archaeologists Find Medieval Treasure in Sunken Battleship

Marine archaeologists from Stockholm University and Södertörn University in Sweden made a remarkable discovery in the Blekinge archipelago while conducting a dive to explore Danish King Hans’ ship, Gripen. Results of the dives, which were conducted last year, are just now being revealed, Ancient Origins reported. The Gripen has been submerged in the region since … Read more