Idaho Dropped Thousands From Medicaid in the Pandemic’s First Years

During the first two years of the covid-19 pandemic, while the federal government was trying to prevent people on Medicaid from losing health coverage, Idaho dropped nearly 10,000 people from the safety-net program. Federal law generally banned states from dropping people, and federal officials said Idaho acted improperly. Idaho officials, however, said they didn’t think … Read more

Congress Told HHS to Set Up a Health Data Network in 2006. The Agency Still Hasn’t.

In early 2020, as they tried to fight covid-19 across two rural counties in North Carolina, the staff of Granville Vance Public Health was stymied, relying on outdated technology to track a fast-moving pandemic. Lisa Macon Harrison, the agency’s health director, said her nurses’ contact-tracing process required manually entering case information into five data systems. … Read more

Políticas de salud fueron tema prominente en el discurso del Estado de la Unión de Biden

El presidente Joe Biden pronunció el martes 8 de febrero su discurso sobre el Estado de la Unión ante un Congreso políticamente dividido por primera vez, y pidió soluciones permanentes para las prioridades políticas, como los costos de atención médica inasequibles. A diferencia de sus discursos anteriores, éste fue a Cámara llena, y sin limitaciones … Read more

Health Policies Were a Prominent Theme in Biden’s State of the Union Speech

President Joe Biden on Tuesday delivered his State of the Union address to a politically divided Congress for the first time, calling for permanent fixes on policy priorities like unaffordable health costs. In one marked difference from his earlier speeches, attendance in the House chamber was at capacity with no covid-19 limitations in effect. And … Read more