9 Healthiest Soda Brands and Canned Carbonated Drinks

You probably never thought you’d hear “soda” and “healthy” in the same sentence, unless there was “not” sandwiched between. But there is such a thing as the healthiest sodas. But we’re not talking about a 12-oz Coca-Cola clocking 39g sugar. You can drop-kick that right out of your fridge, because the latest beverage revolution is … Read more

How Kevin Hart Is Staying at the Top of His Fitness Game at 42

No day is the same for Kevin Hart. Presently, the multi-hyphenate is splitting his time between being on location in Northern Ireland producing his latest movie, Lift, and preparing material for his highly anticipated Reality Check arena tour. His tremendous success is a result of an endless drive, which he reaffirms every morning at five … Read more