“Bold Move”: A Beacon of Resilience in the Age of Anxiety

Anxiety, depression, and stress, seemingly the unsolicited companions of modern life, necessitate an effective arsenal for mental rejuvenation.  Enter Dr. Luana Marques and her magnum opus, “Bold Move“. Beyond just a book, it’s a call for embracing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as a beacon to illuminate non-pharmacological paths toward mental fortitude. “BOLD MOVE: A 3-Step … Read more

This $9 Miniature Cooling Towel Saved Me From Heat Exhaustion

Men’s Journal aims to feature only the best products and services. We update when possible, but deals expire and prices can change. If you buy something via one of our links, we may earn a commission. Questions? Reach us at [email protected]. It was the bottom of the fourth of my Sunday softball game when I … Read more

20 Glute Exercises to Get Your Best Butt

Strong glutes are not born; they’re made. Genetics play a role, as NFL linemen know, but most of us lose pronounced glute muscles by sitting all day and skipping stairs. Making matters worse is we head to the gym and devote most of our time to our upper bodies, ignoring leg workouts and arguably our … Read more