Should You Tell Your Boss You Have IBD? Plus More Tips for Coping at the Office

As the human resources director for family Destinations Guide, a website that offers kid-friendly vacation ideas, Bonnie Whitfield always makes sure employees feel comfortable disclosing their medical conditions so the company can provide accommodations. For Whitfield, it’s not just professional—it’s personal, because she has inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). “Since I have IBD myself, and I’ve … Read more

How to Treat Acne Naturally

Acne is a common problem that gives too many people too much grief. Many conventional acne (or acne vulgaris) treatments—antibiotics, oral steroids, hormonal birth control pills, and isotretinoin (sold with brand name Accutane)—have serious, sometimes downright scary, side effects. There may be cases when these nuclear options are necessary, but I know many folks would prefer … Read more

How Fasting Can—and Can’t—Improve Gut Health

If you spend a lot of time online, you may have noticed that parts of the internet have caught fasting fever. Online message boards are awash in posts touting the benefits of time-restricted eating and other intermittent-fasting approaches that involve going without caloric foods or drinks for an extended period of time—anywhere from 12 hours … Read more