Journalists Discuss Insulin Prices, Gun Violence, Distracted Driving, and More

Midwest KHN correspondent Bram Sable-Smith discussed the Eli Lilly news on insulin prices on “PBS NewsHour” and insulin prices on Slate’s “What Next” on March 1. Click here to watch Sable-Smith on “PBS NewsHour” Click here to hear Sable-Smith on “What Next” Read Sable-Smith and Samantha Young’s “Eli Lilly Slashed Insulin Prices. This Starts a … Read more

Guns Are the Biggest Public Health Threat Kids Face. Why Aren’t They Getting the Message?

I still remember the raspy voice of the wizened cancer patient with the hole in her throat. So addicted to the poison that was killing her — cigarettes — she interspersed her words of warning about the dangers of smoking with taking puffs of a cigarette through her tracheostomy hole. It was a short, disturbing … Read more

When Gun Violence Ends Young Lives, These Men Prepare the Graves

MILLSTADT, Ill. — It was a late Friday afternoon when a team of men approached a tiny pink casket. One wiped his brow. Another stepped away to smoke a cigarette. Then, with calloused hands, they gently lowered the child’s body into the ground. Earlier that day, the groundskeepers at Sunset Gardens of Memory had dug … Read more

Journalists Recap Coverage of Gun Violence, Drug Imports, and Mental Health

Midwest correspondent Cara Anthony discussed how an artist makes art from bullet shell casings to highlight gun violence on KMOX on Dec. 19. Click here to hear Anthony on KMOX Read Anthony’s “To Combat Gun Violence, This Artist Turns Ammunition Into Art” KHN senior correspondent Phil Galewitz discussed state plans to import prescription drugs from … Read more