TikToker’s Ingenious Grocery Store Money-Saving Hack Goes Viral

A culinary expert has gone viral for his “6–1” grocery shopping method, which he says makes the experience both quicker and cheaper. Will Coleman, who goes by @chefwillcoleman Instagram and @chefwillco on TikTok, posted the hack on January 2. In the video, he advises grocery shoppers to limit themselves to a strict diet while cruising … Read more

Costco Is Apparently the Hottest Place to Buy Solid Gold Bars

Faithful customers of Costco know that you can find literally almost anything at the big-box retail chain, from vending machines to Grecian urns. The company even keeps a list of unusual items it stocks. But one thing you probably wouldn’t expect to find are solid gold bars. Not only does Costco carry them, but they can’t keep them … Read more

America Buys Most of Its Sushi From Last Place You’d Expect

Americans are consuming more sushi than ever. And oddly enough, we have the nation’s biggest grocery-store operator to thank for it. According to The Wall Street Journal, Cincinnati-based Kroger, which also owns grocery chains including Ralphs, Smith’s, and Harris Teeter (in addition to a pending merger with Albertsons), is now the biggest sushi seller in America. The … Read more