Jimmy Carter Took on the Awful Guinea Worm When No One Else Would — And Triumphed

Jimmy Carter took great pride in pointing out that the United States didn’t start any new wars during his term as president. But after he left office, he launched a war against “neglected” diseases — diseases in far-off lands that most Americans will never suffer from and may not have even heard of. Diseases like … Read more

Reentry Programs to Help Former Prisoners Obtain Health Care Are Often Underused

When Matthew Boyd was released from a Georgia state prison in December 2020, officials sent him home without medicines he uses to manage chronic heart and lung conditions and high blood pressure, he said. Less than a month later, he spent eight days in an intensive care unit, the first of more than 40 hospital … Read more

Journalists Discuss Insulin Prices, Gun Violence, Distracted Driving, and More

Midwest KHN correspondent Bram Sable-Smith discussed the Eli Lilly news on insulin prices on “PBS NewsHour” and insulin prices on Slate’s “What Next” on March 1. Click here to watch Sable-Smith on “PBS NewsHour” Click here to hear Sable-Smith on “What Next” Read Sable-Smith and Samantha Young’s “Eli Lilly Slashed Insulin Prices. This Starts a … Read more

Fin de beneficios extra de SNAP por la pandemia amenazan la seguridad alimentaria en zonas rurales

Elko, Nevada. – En una mañana fría a principios de febrero, Tammy King llenó y cargó cajas y bolsas de vegetales, frutas, leche, carne congelada y refrigerios en autos alineados frente al banco de alimentos Friends in Service Helping, conocido en el área rural del noreste de Nevada como FISH. King contó que el banco … Read more