Vanderbilt’s Decision to Turn Over Trans Patient Records to the State Sparks Backlash

Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) confirmed Tuesday that it turned over transgender patients’ medical records to the Tennessee attorney general as part of an investigation into medical billing—a move that stirred controversy and privacy concerns. VUMC offers transgender-related health care for adults and minors in Tennessee and nearby states, where these services are increasingly limited … Read more

Doctors Are Still Confused by Abortion Exceptions in Louisiana. It’s Limiting Essential Care

The Louisiana state legislature shot down two bills last week that aimed to clarify the legality of abortion and miscarriage care in pregnancies with complications. The existing laws in Louisiana allow for abortions in certain cases when a pregnant patient’s life or health may be at risk, but physicians have criticized the texts for being … Read more

Maine Confirms Fatal Powassan Virus Case. What to Know About the Rare Disease

A Maine resident has died from the Powassan virus, a rare tick-borne illness, Maine’s Centers for Disease Control confirmed on Wednesday. The individual, who was likely infected in the state, developed neurologic symptoms and died while in the hospital, according to Maine’s CDC. This is the state’s first case of Powassan virus this year. In … Read more

Inside the Emerging Xylazine Addiction Crisis in the U.S.

Devin Bair, a 42-year-old Pennsylvania resident, had used opioids on-and-off for years, but she never experienced anything like xylazine. She first took it without knowing two years ago when it infiltrated her dealer’s supply, and she unknowingly became addicted to it. Xylazine, a veterinary tranquilizer that isn’t meant for use in humans, is an increasingly … Read more