Ralph Lauren Makes a ‘Smart’ Fitness Shirt

Ralph Lauren’s PoloTech shirt is smarter than it looks. It’s also more expensive. The tee combines the fashion label’s preppy aesthetic with the ability to deliver live metrics (heart rate, breathing and steps) from the shirt to your iPhone. The tech built into it isn’t completely new, but Polo has added extra value through a … Read more


It’s tough to top a tried and true iron skillet at home and even more so in the great outdoors. The Takedown Skillet from Best Made not only comes pre-seasoned using a blend of natural oil, but it also is one of the lightest and easiest to pack and transport on the market. It’s made … Read more

Sempli Designs Different Glasses for Different Beers in “Monti” Collection

If different cocktails require specific glasses, why deny that luxury to beer? LA-based design brand Sempli has addressed this gap, creating four different beer glasses for IPAs, pilsners, pints and 12oz bottles in the “Monti” collection. Design elements consider both the presentation of the drink in the use of angular lines, as well as enhancing … Read more