A New Scientific Study Says Eating Late Increases Risk of Obesity

You may have stood in front of an open refrigerator late at night and thought, “This isn’t a good idea.” And a recent scientific study from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston agrees—eating late isn’t good for you. In fact, the study in Cell Metabolism concludes that it can increase a person’s risk for obesity. … Read more

12 Best Chef Knives Recommended by Real Chefs

The chef’s knife is the ultimate tool for professional and amateur chefs alike, but not all knives are created equal. We asked some of the best professional chefs in the world to recommend their favorite go-to chef knives to suit their different styles and approaches to cookery. Read on to find out their recommendations and … Read more

Best Sandwich Recipes From Turkey and the Wolf

How often does a scruffy guy open a funky neighborhood sandwich shop that becomes a coast-to-coast culinary sensation? Like never, that’s how often. Yet that’s exactly what transpired not long ago when Mason Hereford welcomed hungry New Orleanians to Turkey and the Wolf and its chefy, stoner-ific sammies loaded with catfish salad, chicken-fried steak and … Read more