How Kevin Hart Is Staying at the Top of His Fitness Game at 42

No day is the same for Kevin Hart. Presently, the multi-hyphenate is splitting his time between being on location in Northern Ireland producing his latest movie, Lift, and preparing material for his highly anticipated Reality Check arena tour. His tremendous success is a result of an endless drive, which he reaffirms every morning at five … Read more

Dear Mark: What is Turkesterone, and Can It Help Me Build Muscle?

For today’s edition of Dear Mark, I’m answering questions about a rather mysterious supplement called turkesterone. I’ve been getting questions about it lately, specifically regarding its promise for muscle building. Turkesterone has exploded in popularity, but there isn’t much solid information to go on. Compared to supplements with reams of human research, like whey isolate or … Read more

This Exercise Routine Could Intensify the Growth and Development of New Brain Cells

Here’s a potential benefit to add to the long list of reasons for why we should always stay active: exercise could increase the number of neurons in the brain. Scientists in Finland report that when groups of rats were given strict exercise regimes, some of them developed new brain cells at a more rapid rate … Read more