Find Your Next Great Getaway at Salmon Falls Resort in Ketchikan, Alaska

Sitting in a sea kayak just offshore of Salmon Falls Resort in Ketchikan, Alaska, I watch slack jawed as a ring of large bubbles break the surface beneath my paddle. “Stop paddling and stay still,” my guide, Grayson, says, stern but excited. “He’s coming up fast.” The “he” Grayson’s referring to is a large humpback … Read more

Best Saltwater Fly-fishing Gear to Reel in the Toughest Fish

The best saltwater fly-fishing gear can withstand sun and spray for a more productive, enjoyable day on the water. For most people, fly-fishing brings to mind clear mountain streams and rainbow-colored trout sucking down tiny flies. But fly-fishing can encompass much more than just the hunt for stealthy trout—if you can catch it with a … Read more