Corporate CEOs Have Transformed From Company Stewards Into Untouchable Demigods. And for What?

Elite corporate CEOs now command staggering sums, deity status and an air of indispensability, but they’d be lost with their companies. It was a mid-May Tuesday at this year’s JPMorgan Chase annual shareholder meeting when the king of Wall Street, Jamie Dimon, heard something that all external impression suggests he has not heard in a … Read more

Remembrance: A Moment to Reflect on the Unity Following September 11, 2001

Everyone remembers where they were on the unseasonably warm Tuesday morning of September 11, 2001, which turned into one of our nation’s darkest days. Our country, and the world, watched in disbelief as the deadliest terrorist attack in U.S. history unfolded on live television. People were disoriented and in shock, and one thing became painfully … Read more

Nick Kroll Talks ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ and Pushing the Line on Comedy

Nick Kroll, comedic powerhouse and man of many voices behind Big Mouth and Human Resources, returns to the big screen in the star-studded thriller Don’t Worry Darling. Real Quick Guilty pleasure? Cheetos. 2nd favorite Nick? Tsar Nicholas II, who we explore in History of the World, Part 2. Language I wish I could speak? Sign. … Read more

Terry Bradshaw’s Secret to Career Longevity

Four-time Super Bowl champion, avuncular television football analyst and all-around entertainer Terry Bradshaw’s secret to career longevity? It’s winning the long game that counts. Here’s the play. Go For It My life has always been about attacking, taking chances, gambling. As a player, I’d much rather throw the football 20 yards than two. Five-yard passes … Read more