Why Extreme Heat Plus Pollution Is a Deadly Combination

Two climate-related health risks are converging with alarming frequency: record high temperatures, and air pollution from things like car exhaust and wildfire smoke. Separately, these conditions can make people acutely sick and exacerbate existing health problems. But what happens when they coincide? Recently, researchers at the University of Southern California set out to answer that … Read more

Biden Administration Launches Website To Help People Cope With Extreme Heat

The federal government hopes a new website can help people and local governments beat the increasingly deadly heat of an ever-warming world. Days after nearly half the country — 154.6 million people — sweated through a blistering heat wave, which for the West, hasn’t quite finished, the Biden Administration Tuesday unveiled heat.gov, which includes maps, … Read more

Climate Experts Are Testing New Ways To Reach the People Most Affected by Extreme Heat

As heat waves become longer, hotter, and more widespread across the planet, human responses to them are becoming increasingly local and specialized. Both scientific researchers and government officials are finding that the best strategies to keep cool are ones that are specially tailored to a community. That may seem obvious, given that outdoor laborers need … Read more

U.K. Authorities Issue First-Ever ‘Red’ Extreme Heat Warning

British authorities issued their first ever “red” warning for extreme heat early next week, declaring a national emergency as forecasters predict record temperatures that will put even healthy people at risk of serious illness and death. The warning covers Monday and Tuesday, when temperatures in England may reach 40 C (104 F) for the first … Read more