This Slow-Moving Exercise Could Greatly Lower Blood Pressure, Study Finds

Hypertension is a primary or contributing cause of death for hundreds of thousands of Americans every year. In a world where it seems increasingly difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle through smart eating and regular exercise, keeping our blood pressure in check sometimes becomes less of a priority. But new research is outlining the benefits … Read more

Study Finds How Weed Affects Emotions, Performance in Workouts

As more states legalize cannabis for recreational use, consumption of the plant is becoming a growing part of American life. Some have even taken to smoking before a workout—a phenomenon researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder wanted to investigate themselves.  The study recently published in Sports Journal examined how pre-workout cannabis consumption can affect … Read more

New Research Finds Ideal Number of Weekly Workouts

Scientists have long tried to tackle the question of whether exercise is better when workouts are longer or when they’re more frequent. A recent study out of Edith Cowan University aimed to answer the question of just how many workouts are needed each week to see the best results.  To conduct the test, researchers split participants … Read more