EPA Moves to Reduce Childhood Exposure to Lead-Based Paint Dust

(NEW YORK) — The Biden administration on Wednesday moved to reduce children’s exposure to lead, proposing stricter limits on dust from lead-based paint in older homes and child-care facilities. Declaring that “there is no safe level of lead,” the administration estimates that the proposed rule would reduce lead exposure for approximately 250,000 to 500,000 children … Read more

The Overlooked Environmental Impact of Vaping

Lined up end-to-end, the disposable e-cigarettes sold and (presumably) trashed annually in the U.S. could stretch across the country and back again, according to a new report that highlights a growing problem: vape waste. Disposable vapes typically have plastic bodies that are designed to be used until they’re empty and then tossed, as opposed to … Read more

3M’s Historic $10 Billion ‘Forever Chemical’ Payout Is Just The Tip of the PFAS Iceberg

If you’re like 200 million other Americans, when you turned on your tap today you consumed water contaminated with PFAS—short for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, but better known as “forever chemicals” because that’s about how long they linger in the environment. A class of nearly 12,000 manufacturing chemicals, PFAS have been detected in water supplies … Read more

What Wildfire Smoke Does to the Human Body

Massive wildfires raging in eastern Canada are sending huge plumes of smoke across the border, blanketing thousands of square miles in the Northeastern U.S. and Upper Midwest, and casting a haze over skies from Wisconsin and Minnesota to New York. Hundreds of out of control fires are currently burning in Quebec, while authorities have managed … Read more