From Cannabis to Cold Brew, Snoop Dogg Launches a Coffee Line

The Doggfather has quietly become a business mogul with coffee joining his pet accessories, gin, and of course, his breakfast cereal line. Snoop Dogg is expanding his empire yet again with the release of INDOxyz, a canned cold brew coffee. The rapper has moved fully into the mainstream. He’s gone from ex-pimp and accused murderer to beloved … Read more

Gabriel Luna on Sniping ‘Infected’ in ‘The Last of Us’

The actor—who plays sharpshooting survivalist Tommy Miller in HBO’s hit series—sounds off on gaming and weapons training. Actor Gabriel Luna is familiar playing dangerous individuals—with past roles calling on him to become a cursed motorcycle vigilante, a covert CIA operative, and a robotic assassin sent from the future. So when it came time to cast … Read more

Best Answers From Keanu Reeves’ Reddit AMA

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Men’s Journal Everyday Warrior Podcast Episode 51: Matt Mayberry

In the latest episode, we spoke to the former NFL linebacker about leadership and its effect on culture. Men’s Journal’s Everyday Warrior With Mike Sarraille is a podcast that inspires individuals to live more fulfilling lives by having conversations with disrupters and high performers from all walks of life. In episode 51, we welcome Matt … Read more