Ride Responsibly: Most Sustainable Cycling Brands

Upgrade your cycling kit with eco-friendly apparel and accessories. These companies make hard-wearing gear that’s easy on the planet. There are many good reasons to get on a bike. High among them if you care deeply about the environment (and what cyclist doesn’t?) is the activity’s inherently low-impact nature—not just on your joints, but on the world … Read more

Book an Eco-Friendly Escape at America’s Top LEED-Certified Hotels

Let’s face it, the hotel biz isn’t exactly the most eco-friendly industry. Colossal properties and wasteful resorts tend to have a pretty hefty environmental footprint. But one easy way to plan a greener getaway is to start with your hotel booking. The lodging industry has seen a barrage of eco-friendly seals of approval and certification … Read more

adidas Terrex Launches Ultra-Sustainable ‘Nothing Left Behind’ Campaign

Outdoor gear companies are known for pioneering new eco-conscious products that forge beyond the usual recycled (or partially recycled) fare. adidas Terrex, the outdoor-focused branch of the sneaker and sports apparel behemoth, now takes its Earth-friendliest step yet with a new project in collaboration with The Renewal Workshop (TRW) called “Nothing Left Behind.” The concept: … Read more