How ‘Every Daily Act Can Be an Act of Conservation,’ Per Dax Dasilva

It’s early spring, following an icy, subzero winter season across Eastern Canada. Everything moves slowly this time of year—nature, humans, business—but Dax Dasilva is moving with urgency, more resolute than ever. The tech CEO and environmental activist founded Lightspeed, a Montreal-based digital commerce platform, and Age of Union, a non-profit environmental alliance squarely aimed at … Read more

Best Earth Day Events: Parties, Parades, Panels, and More

When you think of the ‘70s, disco, tie-dye, and bellbottoms probably spring to mind. Oh, and ganja—which actually wasn’t the only green fixation sweeping the nation at the time. This transformational era also gave rise to the eco-conscious movement. While the groundswell around environmentalism was already in motion, things really kicked into high gear at … Read more