All Types of Hormonal Birth Control Share a Slightly Increased Risk of Breast Cancer, Study Says

For people who want to prevent pregnancy, birth-control drugs come with an obvious reward. They also come with some small risks—including, for some forms, a slightly increased risk of breast cancer. This has long been known about the most popular type: combined hormonal birth control, which is available in pill, patch, and ring form. These … Read more

Sanofi Is Now the Third Insulin Producer to Slash Prices

Sanofi will cut the U.S. list price of two of its insulins, making it the third major producer of the diabetes medicine to recently slash prices. French pharmaceutical maker Sanofi will reduce the U.S. list price of Lantus, its most-prescribed insulin, by 78%, according to a statement Thursday. The company will also reduce the list … Read more

The VA Will Pay for Some to Get New Alzheimer’s Drug

The U.S. Veterans Health Administration will pay for some beneficiaries to get a new Alzheimer’s disease drug from Eisai Co. and Biogen Inc., a move toward broader coverage of the controversial drug category. The VA added Leqembi, which received accelerated approval from the Food and Drug Administration in January, to its list of nonformulary drugs. … Read more