Cranberry Kamikaze Shots or Cocktail

Cranberry Kamikaze shots (or cocktails) are a fantastic way to mix up your party drink menu. This tangy and refreshing drink is easy to make and is sure to be a hit with your guests. These cranberry kamikaze shots are a fun take on a classic shot or cocktail. They’re perfect for your Christmas and… … Read more

How to Avoid A New Year’s Day Hangover

No one wants to ring in the New Year with a splitting headache and a sandpapery tongue, and yet “Hangover Cure” tends to be the number one Google search on New Year’s Day: There’s no silver bullet cure for the side effects of boozin’. But based on what we know about hangovers, scientifically speaking, there … Read more

5 Scientifically Proven Ways to Ease a Hangover

Currently, there’s no hangover “cure.” Sure, one day some brilliant scientist may solve our bender-induced woes, but until that day comes, we’re left with simply making them more bearable. Luckily, we’ve got a few scientifically proven ways to do so. Skip the hair of the dog and go with one of these methods to make … Read more