Study Finds Surprising Number of Canine Vaccine Skeptics

The anti-vaccination movement has gained steam in the last decade, but that fear around inoculation isn’t just among humans. A new study published in the Vaccine journal found that a majority of dog owners are skeptical of immunizing their furry friends.  The study surveyed 2,200 people and their opinions on routine vaccinations given to pet … Read more

Man Who Spent $14K on Lifelike Collie Costume Responds to Haters

A Japanese man who spent $14,000 on a lifelike, custom-made collie costume is shutting down speculation about his unique lifestyle after recently going viral. The man, who identifies himself only as Toco, has been documenting his canine transformation on his YouTube channel, aptly titled “I want to be an animal,” for over a year now. However, after … Read more