How to Master Amazon Sex Position, According to a Sex Therapist

The Amazon sex position is a fairly new sex position and a serious internet sensation—for good reason. This athletic, woman-dominating stance has a lot to offer among fun and different sex positions. It gets its name from the mythical women-only warrior tribe, the Amazons, from ancient Greece. The Amazons are featured in many epic poems and stories, … Read more

Study Reveals the 5 Qualities Women Desire in an Ideal Partner

Researchers at the University of Göttingen in Germany surveyed 20,000 single women, aged 18 to 67, throughout 150 countries to determine the gender’s most desired qualities in a romantic partner. The report was published in September in the journal Human Nature. 17,000 participants identified as heterosexual, while 3,000 identified as either bisexual or homosexual. Scientists … Read more