Eli Lilly Slashed Insulin Prices. This Starts a Race to the Bottom.

When drugmaker Eli Lilly announced Wednesday it will slash the list price for some of its insulin products following years of criticism from lawmakers and activists that the price of the lifesaving hormone had become unaffordable, the news raised questions about what will happen to other efforts to provide low-cost insulin. Civica, a nonprofit drugmaker … Read more

Nueva herramienta ayudaría a comparar costos de hasta 500 servicios médicos

¿Necesitas tratamiento médico en 2023 y quieres reducir los gastos de bolsillo antes de ir al médico? Hay una nueva herramienta para lograrlo. Al menos para los pacientes asegurados. Desde el 1 de enero, las aseguradoras y los empleadores que ofrecen planes de salud deben proporcionar calculadoras en línea para que los pacientes obtengan estimaciones … Read more

Want a Clue on Health Care Costs in Advance? New Tools Take a Crack at It

Need medical treatment this year and want to nail down your out-of-pocket costs before you walk into the doctor’s office? There’s a new tool for that, at least for insured patients. As of Jan. 1, health insurers and employers that offer health plans must provide online calculators for patients to get detailed estimates of what … Read more

Employers Use Patient Assistance Programs to Offset Their Own Costs

Anna Sutton was shocked when she received a letter from her husband’s job-based health plan stating that Humira, an expensive drug used to treat her daughter’s juvenile arthritis, was now on a long list of medications considered “nonessential benefits.” The July 2021 letter said the family could either participate in a new effort overseen by … Read more