College Football Fans Can’t Get Over Size of 455 Pound TCU Freshman

A college freshman starting as an offensive lineman with the Texas Christian University Horned Frogs football team this season is already making waves with a reputation that precedes him. A six-foot-five-inch, 455-pound reputation, specifically, and college football fans couldn’t be more excited. Brione “Big Bubba” Ramsey-Brooks, who graduated from South Oak Cliff in Dallas, TX, was a three-star recruit … Read more

The 25 Greatest Upsets in American Sports History

Upsets are the essence of sports. The potential that one might happen—that an underdog team might beat the odds and win against a superior opponent—is the single greatest hook that keeps us watching sports, and the payoff when they arrive is what makes the whole enterprise worthwhile. Games played on paper wouldn’t be games at … Read more