Breckenridge Distillery’s Liquid Chef Shares How to Elevate Your Holiday Drinking

This article was produced in partnership with Breckenridge Distillery  Some of the best gifts are experiences: a dream vacation, a Michelin-star meal, an unforgettable concert. Drinking whiskey at the distillery where it’s made can be an amazing experience too—but what if you can’t get there? When it comes to Breckenridge Distillery, that’s not a problem. … Read more

Best Reposado Tequila Cocktails to Make at Home

Reposado tequila often “gets lost as the middle child between a mature añejo and a younger, more rambunctious blanco,” says Jeff Savage, head bartender at Botanist in Vancouver. But when you rope in reposados to mixology, the tequila’s hidden notes make for exciting cocktails. “What I find most prevalent in a reposado are the earthy, … Read more

Low-ABV Cocktails Perfect for Day Drinking

Save the stiff cocktails to enjoy with Old Man Winter. The summer months are for the porch pounders—those light and refreshing low-ABV cocktails that you can enjoy in the sun without getting burned by a heavy pour of something 80-proof-plus. Making a well-balanced, low-ABV cocktail involves the same bartending principles you’d use to concoct a … Read more