These Are the Best Cities in the World to Visit in 2024

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This Southern U.S. City Has Country’s Highest Inflation Rate Right Now

WalletHub has updated its report on the American cities which have been hardest hit by inflation. The outlet examined 23 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA) to better understand how inflation is impacting cities nationwide. To assess the difference, the site compared Consumer Price Index (CPI) data for the latest month, two months previous, and one year … Read more

U.S. Travelers Think These Cities Should Be Avoided ‘At All Costs’

The safety—or should we say, the perceived safety—of major U.S. cities has become a politicized issue for many Americans who get most of their information from sensationalized media coverage. Yet, it’s always interesting to see which cities travelers avoid or gravitate to.  As such, the travel-based website The Vacationer surveyed over 1,000 Americans over the age of 18 … Read more