Ryan Reynolds’ ‘Deadpool’ Push Day Workout: Upper-Body Bulk

Here’s the thing about celebrity fitness transformations. They’re hardly doable for us mere mortals. You no doubt see Chris Hemsworth’s arms in Thor: Love and Thunder, Jason Momoa’s mammoth upper body in Aquaman 2, and Daniel Craig’s trim physique (at the age of 51, no less) in No Time to Die and think, Yeah, I’d like to look like that. … Read more

Jonathan Majors ‘Creed III’ Workout: Upper Body Bulk-up

The actor pulled three-a-days to get his physique ready for the ring. Here’s a sample workout for your own blockbuster transformation. Jonathan Majors has the kind of physique you only see in anime: deltoids the size of bowling balls, a shrink-wrapped six-pack, teardrop quads on thighs the size of tree trunks. The actor is a … Read more

How Brad Pitt Trained to Give and Take a Beating in ‘Bullet Train’

Imagine your day job being Brad Pitt‘s stunt double. That’s the gig David Leitch scored back in the 90s for a little film called Fight Club. He then went on to take some hits in Troy and is bringing to life more in-your-face action scenes in the new assassin-adventure epic Bullet Train. Although this time around, … Read more