CDC Declares the Healthiest Vegetable of All

Kale and açaí have long held the crown as some of the most nutrient-packed produce available at the grocery store. But after years of their domination, there might be a new superfood in town.  The CDC just crowned watercress as the best produce for your health. The agency assigns nutrition density scores to fruits and … Read more

Montana Considers New Wave of Legislation to Loosen Vaccination Rules

When Deb Horning’s youngest daughter was 5, she got her measles, mumps, and rubella shot like many other kindergartners. But unlike many other moms, Horning had to stay away from her daughter for a week after the shot. Horning, 51, was diagnosed in 2014 with acute myeloid leukemia, an aggressive cancer — the five-year survival … Read more

As Covid Grabbed the World’s Attention, Texas’ Efforts to Control TB Slipped

Narciso Lopez has spent more than two decades working to control the spread of tuberculosis in South Texas. He used to think that when patient traffic into the clinics where he worked was slow, that meant the surrounding community was healthy. But when the covid-19 pandemic hit in early 2020, that changed. “I would be … Read more

Congress Told HHS to Set Up a Health Data Network in 2006. The Agency Still Hasn’t.

In early 2020, as they tried to fight covid-19 across two rural counties in North Carolina, the staff of Granville Vance Public Health was stymied, relying on outdated technology to track a fast-moving pandemic. Lisa Macon Harrison, the agency’s health director, said her nurses’ contact-tracing process required manually entering case information into five data systems. … Read more