How Much Cardio Can I Do Without Losing Muscle?

Program your runs and weightlifting routines with these expert techniques to not only preserve muscle but gain mass. Most fitness fanatics define themselves as either runners or lifters. If you categorize yourself in the latter camp, then you’re probably most comfortable clanking weights, slamming through supersets, and perfecting your Olympic lifts. Cardio? It’s not for … Read more

Barry’s HIIT Workout at Home: Burn Fat in Under 30 Minutes

Barry’s bootcamp classes have the proverbial secret sauce: an effective 50/50 split of cardio (on the tread) and strength training à la high-intensity interval training. Halle Ahlin-Lyons, a Barry’s San Diego instructor, adapted the OG studio workout into a snack-size session you can do at the beach or anywhere you like. It’s a full-body circuit … Read more