Knees Over Toes Program: Best Exercises to Eliminate Knee Pain

Whether squatting or lunging, athletes are told ad nauseam never to let their knees go over toes under the assumption it added undue pressure to the joints. But as Ben Patrick, founder of Athletic Truth Group, came to find, that very pressure bolsters the knees, increasing strength for joint protection and longevity. Training that emphasizes … Read more

10 Best Dumbbells of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

At-home workouts, hotel workouts, and the best workouts during peak gym hours all need one thing: the best dumbbells. When you’re short on space and equipment, free weights—especially convertible ones like the best adjustable dumbbells—are key for building muscle in a pinch. Whether you’re a veteran lifter or seeking guidance on weight lifting for beginners, a good set … Read more

Aidan Hutchinson’s Leg Workout for Power and Brute Strength

Not to be histrionic, but Detroit Lions defensive end Aidan Hutchinson‘s leg workout is the reason why he’s able to steamroll through offensive lines. When Hutchinson came onto the scene, he quickly made his mark, with his quickness off the line. In fact, the second overall draft pick had one of the most productive rookie seasons … Read more

20 Glute Exercises to Get Your Best Butt

Strong glutes are not born; they’re made. Genetics play a role, as NFL linemen know, but most of us lose pronounced glute muscles by sitting all day and skipping stairs. Making matters worse is we head to the gym and devote most of our time to our upper bodies, ignoring leg workouts and arguably our … Read more