A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Bull Riding Like You’ve Never Seen—or Read

The longest eight seconds one can experience—if you even make it that far—happens while mounted atop a giant, seething bull focusing its entire tonnage on turning brutally jolted riders into human projectiles. The vast majority of us know this vicariously from outside of the ring (and we’re good with that). Professional bull riders, on the … Read more

60 Years of Surf Culture Seen Through ‘Surfer Magazine: 1960-2020’

For 60 years, Surfer magazine was at the epicenter of surf culture. The magazine offered a mix of travel articles, interviews with surfers, contest recaps, surf break profiles, and big-wave pictorials. Now, photographer and former Surfer photo editor Ryan Ellis is celebrating that history in Surfer Magazine: 1960-2020. The new book is a compendium of … Read more