More U.S. Adolescents Are Getting Weight-Loss Surgery

Weight-loss surgeries among adolescents increased substantially in recent years, part of an overall rise in obesity treatments in the U.S. The number of adolescents ages 10 to 19 who underwent metabolic or bariatric surgery rose about 20% in 2021 from the year before, according to a research letter published Tuesday in the Journal of the … Read more

40% of Food Illness Outbreaks Are Linked to Sick Restaurant Workers

Sick restaurant and food-store workers were linked to four in 10 U.S. foodborne disease outbreaks in recent years, yet few establishments had comprehensive policies in place to prevent contamination, a government analysis found. Food workers’ illnesses may have played a role in some 200 outbreaks from 2017 through 2019, according to the Centers for Disease … Read more

Elon Musk’s Brain Implant Firm Says U.S. Has Approved Human Tests

Neuralink Corp., Elon Musk’s brain-implant company, said it received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration to conduct human clinical trials. “This is the result of incredible work by the Neuralink team in close collaboration with the FDA and represents an important first step that will one day allow our technology to help many … Read more