Study Finds Listening to Irish Music Has Surprising Effect on Taste of Guinness

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, researchers have confirmed that Guinness, the favorite beer of Jason Momoa, tastes better if consumed while listening to Irish music. Scientists at the University of Lincoln also found that Guinness’ flavor profile changes depending on what genre of music you’re listening to. The study was published in the … Read more

A New Annual Beer Holiday Launches This Week

August 17, 2023 will mark the first annual National Hazy IPA Day, a celebration of one of the most popular craft beer styles in the country. California’s Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. is behind the event, which honors a brew popularized in New England in the early 2000s. Eventually, the so-called “haze craze” moved to the West Coast, … Read more

The 50 Best Beers in the World

Picking the world’s best beers is both the best and hardest job. There are more than 9,500 breweries in America, and tens of thousands of other breweries filling just about every continent. (There’s no brewery in Antarctica—yet.) But after plenty of research—and, uh, drinking—we’ve settled on a list of 50 of the best beers that … Read more

10 Biggest Changes in Craft Brewing Over the Last 10 Years

In 2013, when I released my second book, The Complete Beer Course, the goal was both simple and seriously ambitious: to help people navigate the confusing and expanding world of craft beer. Back then, there were just under 3,200 breweries in America—an unfathomable number, or so it seemed. The next decade saw craft brewing boom, … Read more