‘So Rudderless’: A Couple’s Quest for Autism Treatment for Their Son Hits Repeated Obstacles

When Sebastian Rios was a toddler, he hardly talked. “Don’t worry,” his pediatrician told Amparo and Victor Rios, Sebastian’s parents. Kids who grow up in households in which both Spanish and English are spoken are sometimes slower to develop language skills, she said. Plus, Sebastian was developing well in other ways: When he was just … Read more

Journalists Cover the Gamut, From Rising Insulin Costs to Delays in Autism Care for Children

KHN Midwest correspondent Bram Sable-Smith shared a firsthand perspective on ballooning insulin costs on “Tradeoffs” on April 21. Click here to hear Sable-Smith on “Tradeoffs” Read Sable-Smith’s “I Write About America’s Absurd Health Care System. Then I Got Caught Up in It.” KHN’s Colleen DeGuzman profiled the last abortion clinic in the Rio Grande Valley … Read more

Los retrasos en el diagnóstico y tratamiento del autismo aumentaron durante la pandemia

Wylie James Prescott, de 3 años, tuvo que esperar más de un año después de su diagnóstico de autismo para comenzar la terapia conductual, a pesar de que las investigaciones demuestran que el tratamiento temprano del autismo puede ser crucial para el desarrollo de los niños. Su madre, Brandie Kurtz, dijo que Medicaid de Georgia … Read more

Delays for Autism Diagnosis and Treatment Grew Even Longer During the Pandemic

Wylie James Prescott, 3, had to wait more than a year after his autism diagnosis to begin behavioral therapy, even though research shows early treatment of autism can be crucial for children’s long-term development. His mother, Brandie Kurtz, said his therapy wasn’t approved through Georgia’s Medicaid program until recently, despite her continued requests. “I know … Read more