These Are the Cities Where You Get the Least Space for the Most Money

A study by home rental site Deluxe Holiday Homes has revealed the cities with the most and least expensive rent per square meter. In order to retain results, DHH experts analyzed rent prices in major global markets to determine which city has the most expensive square meters. They compared the average prices of a one bedroom … Read more

This Southern U.S. City Has Country’s Highest Inflation Rate Right Now

WalletHub has updated its report on the American cities which have been hardest hit by inflation. The outlet examined 23 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA) to better understand how inflation is impacting cities nationwide. To assess the difference, the site compared Consumer Price Index (CPI) data for the latest month, two months previous, and one year … Read more

These Are the Most Haunted Roads in America

Just in time for Halloween, RV Trader has published a list of the 43 scariest roads in the United States. The publication was guided toward its picks by travelers’ accounts of the creepiest thoroughfares they’d encountered, as well as local legends. The list provides spooky season road trippers with a plethora of possible destinations. Some … Read more