Terry Bradshaw’s Secret to Career Longevity

Four-time Super Bowl champion, avuncular television football analyst and all-around entertainer Terry Bradshaw’s secret to career longevity? It’s winning the long game that counts. Here’s the play. Go For It My life has always been about attacking, taking chances, gambling. As a player, I’d much rather throw the football 20 yards than two. Five-yard passes … Read more

How to Leave Work at Work

How many weeks, months, or years would you regain if you hadn’t burned up the time on stress, worrying about stress, and creating more stress? Humans are sometimes hardwired to amplify anguish or anxiety with needless mental reruns. It’s part of our out-of-time survival gear. This is why after the workday is done, it’s not. … Read more

Simple Ways to Reframe Failure for Future Success

Benjamin Franklin was wrong. In 1789, the former president famously said, “Nothing is certain except death and taxes.” While partially true, he forgot to mention another certainty that’s far more common: failure. Okay, so maybe his statement was more incomplete than it was wrong, but that doesn’t change the fact we’ll fall victim to both … Read more