These 9 Après-Ski Essentials Are the Perfect Way to End a Ski Day

Whether you call it après-ski, apéro, or charcuteski, there’s something special about sharing a slope-side victory round of cocktails and tasty comestibles after a brilliant day at your favorite ski resort. The primary goal is to kick back with friends, old and new, after the last chairlift closes—or when you’ve reached your car after an … Read more

4×4 VS AWD, Explained: What to Know Before You Go Off-Road

For a layman chatting to a mechanic or gearhead, automotive jargon can seem like a foreign language. To the average person on the street, terms like torque vectoring, locking differentials, pinion gears, and half-shafts are meaningless. However, there’s a pair of terms that’s more confusing than they need to be: 4×4 vs AWD. Knowing the … Read more

This New Annual Pass Can Save You a Bundle on the Best Mountain Biking Trails

The concept that completely revolutionized the ski resort industry—the multi-mountain pass—is now getting the mountain bike treatment. For years, skiers and snowboarders have used Epic and Ikon Passes (sold by Vail Resorts and Alterra Mountain Company respectively) as their open ticket to numerous ski resorts across the U.S., Canada, and beyond. Now, a newly launched … Read more

The Best Hydration Packs of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

No matter what you like to do outside—hiking, running, skiing, e-biking, etc.—proper hydration is essential. In the best-case scenario, not getting enough water during an outdoor workout will result in subpar performance. But if you’re miles into the wilderness without a drop to drink, the situation can quickly become serious. Hydration packs are a convenient way … Read more