New Garmin InReach Messenger: Easy Satellite Comms Anywhere, Anytime

When venturing into the backcountry, going on an epic overlanding adventure, or just heading out for a long hike, staying connected with your loved ones and/or emergency services is a must. But most satellite communications can be a little complicated and overwhelming for newbies to use, which is why the Garmin InReach Messenger and corresponding … Read more

11 Key Items to Help You Reach Peak Performance

This article was published in partnership with Tecovas Everybody wants to live a life of purpose and fulfillment, but it’s not easy. Finding the right path takes guidance, self-discipline, and the right tools. While self-discipline comes from within, looking to others for advice and the right tools is a wise decision. To help with this, … Read more

adidas Terrex Launches Ultra-Sustainable ‘Nothing Left Behind’ Campaign

Outdoor gear companies are known for pioneering new eco-conscious products that forge beyond the usual recycled (or partially recycled) fare. adidas Terrex, the outdoor-focused branch of the sneaker and sports apparel behemoth, now takes its Earth-friendliest step yet with a new project in collaboration with The Renewal Workshop (TRW) called “Nothing Left Behind.” The concept: … Read more