Best Answers From Keanu Reeves’ Reddit AMA

We compiled the top threads from the actor’s Q&A. Confirmed: He took the red pill from ‘The Matrix’—and kept it. Keanu Reeves sat down to answer fans’ burning questions on Reddit’s popular Q&A series Ask Me Anything (AMA). He offered the community unfettered access to himself and revealed he really is just a normal, good-natured … Read more

David Boreanaz Gets Real About the New Season of ‘SEAL Team’

The Talking Series is a weekly segment that delves deeper into topics discussed by guests on the Men’s Journal Everyday Warrior Podcast. Far too many military-esque movies and TV shows misrepresent veterans, have unrealistic storylines, and get every detail wrong. That’s why SEAL Team has worked tirelessly over six seasons to get it right. The … Read more