The “June” Intelligent Oven Is the Future of Cooking

Today we take a first look at June, an oven created by former employees of Apple, GoPro, Path and Google. The home device comes packed with innovative technology, including a built-in camera and the ability to check in with your smartphone to see the progress of your meal. Perhaps most interesting though is June’s learning function. In other words, the more June … Read more

The Poler Sandwich Maker Is a Must-Have for Campers

Camping just got real with Poler’s new sandwich maker. Grilled cheese, ham and cheese, tuna melts can be all yours in the great outdoors. Simply throw a sandwich into the contraption and cook it on the open fire, resulting in a deliciously scrumptious sandwich scores away from the un-toasted kind. Head over the Poler to … Read more

OneCook: A Single Device That Will Cook All Your Meals for You

It’s not a microwave; it’s not an oven; it’s not even a slow cooker — it’s so much more. Meet the OneCook, a “robotic chef” that takes pre-selected and personal ingredients and prepares their respective meals all in one single device. Using a connected app on your smart device, the OneCook will incorporate internet recipes … Read more