Why Golf Is More Fun and Accessible Than Ever

Want a silver lining to the global pandemic? We’re in a golf renaissance. The sport was in bad shape before Covid—country clubs were bleeding money, courses were shuttering, and the number of rounds played had dropped significantly. Then America started working from home and seeking an outdoor experience. So, we made some tee times. Golf … Read more

Meet Vinho Verde, Portugal’s Warm-Weather Wine

While body-warming bottles of merlot and pinot noir might command the bulk of wine lovers’ attention throughout the winter, summer is white wine’s time to shine. Now, Vinho Verde is finally ready for its closeup in the American wine market. Traditionally, wine drinkers have gravitated toward familiar varietals like chardonnay and sauvignon blanc. There’s nothing … Read more

Why Fast Food Is Like a Thanos Power Punch to the Brain

What’s your In-N-Out fix? Animal Style? Double Meat? A belt-busting 4×4? Sad to say you’re doing damage to more than just your pant size. New research from Ohio State University found eating highly processed food (read: fast food) for four weeks caused lab animals to perform measurably worse on memory-related tests compared to those eating … Read more