Feed a Cold, Starve A Fever? What to Eat (Or Not) When You’re Sick

Cold? Flu? Tummy troubles? I know that I don’t have time to be sick, and I’m sure you don’t either. Luckily I don’t get sick very often anymore, but back in my competitive athlete days, it felt like I was constantly battling one cold, cough, or sinus infection after another.   Not to toot my own … Read more

New and Noteworthy: What I Read This Week—Edition 207

Research of the Week No clear evidence that masks help against or prevent infection from respiratory illnesses. Archaeologists unearth a giant 7-foot sword along with an enormous burial site fit for a … giant? Status has deep roots. Insulin and peripheral neuropathy. The influence of kids on their parents. New Primal Kitchen Podcasts Primal Health … Read more

What Is Cryotherapy And Should You Try It?

Technically, “cryotherapy” refers to any method of using cold therapeutically. Icing a sprained ankle, freezing off a wart, or sitting in an ice bath after a game of Ultimate Frisbee are all forms of cryotherapy. Today, though, I’m using the term cryotherapy to refer specifically to whole-body and partial-body cryotherapy chambers. Cryotherapy chambers use electric … Read more